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Dipl. ABCT (American Board of Chelation Therapy)
Member ACAM (American College For Advancement In Medicine)
President, Chelation Therapy Medical Association

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  • Mercury containing preservative (Thimerosal) still used in vaccines
  • large fish
  • dental amalgam
  • mercury vapour released during amalgam removal
  • older bathroom paints
  • greens treated on golf courses
  • vapour from broken fluorescent bulbs
  • old thermometers
  • science department in schools
  • one drop of mercury spilled & run through vacuum and vaporized
  • coal fired power plants (China)
In Past:
  • Mercurochrome (red) disinfectant
  • skin bleach for age spots
  • "sanitizer" for diapers
  • mercury thermostat switch
  • mercury filled thermometer
  • teething gels with mercury causes "pink disease"
  • contact lens solution with Thimerosal

  • Brain fog/ rashes/ immune disorders
  • Neurological damage
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Enzyme blockade resulting in low Glutathione
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Indigestion, paralysis of stomach "Gastroparesis"
  • Endocrine (hormone) disruption
  • Poisoning of Mitochondria (power plants in cells)
  • Poor sleep - interacts with Gaba receptor
  • Inflammation, allergies
  • Iron metabolism disrupted resulting in anemia
  • Impaired conversion - of T4 to active T3 Thyroid hormone
  • Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Hashimoto's)
  • Miscarriage/ infertility
  • Muscle pain/ dizziness/ memory impairment/ oral sores/ tremor/ moodswings/ irritability/ loss of logical reasoning/ numbness
  • MS like symptoms, Cancer
- Adequate Selenium levels (natural antidote to Mercury)
- Intravenous DMPS at first, later oral DMSA

*Blood test does not show body burden
Challenge/Provocation Test with DMPS (IV Mercury Chelator)
   and measure Mercury excretion in urine
Sometimes mercury will show in hair



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A documentary exposing the attempt to hide the revolutionary results of the 10 year $31 million NIH study to assess the impact of Chelation Therapy on heart disease and diabetes.

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